About the Wharton GFA

The Wharton Global Family Alliance is a unique partnership between the Wharton School and leading families from around the world.  The Wharton GFA develops in-depth academic research which is motivated by the core issues that families and their businesses face.  To date, research has focused on issues that relate to family ownership, management and control of their businesses; valuation of private businesses; family office, family governance; wealth management; and philanthropy. Our rigorous scholarly research draws on the practical experiences of substantial global families to address timely, relevant and important issues that make a difference. Wharton GFA has a robust research agenda and a wide variety of outreach initiatives focused on a global audience.

Since its formation in January 2004 through an agreement between the Wharton School and CCC Alliance, the Wharton GFA has rapidly become the premier knowledge leader in family business research in the areas of wealth management, philanthropy, and family business governance.