In creating Wharton GFA, we have established a unique global institution that allows global families to transcend traditional boundaries of nationality, religion, and geography, to collaborate together for mutual benefit and the benefit of society as a whole. Wharton GFA highlights how families can impact the societies in which they transact via the social wealth that their enterprise creates: increases in employment, productivity, national competitiveness and economic and social advancement. This is the first global family program of its kind, with focused efforts on research and sharing of best practices with regard to the social impact that global families have world-wide.

Wharton achieves competitive advantage by being the center for global families by offering a wide variety of outreach programs, a robust curriculum and a vigorous research agenda to a global audience.


Outreach Partners

CCC Alliance
The Wharton School has chosen to partner with the CCC Alliance for the establishment of the Wharton GFA. The CCC Alliance provides a proven model of success in delivering value to a peer network of prominent families
  • Laird Pendleton, the Founder of CCC Alliance, is Chairman of the Wharton GFA Advisory Board.
  • The CCC Alliance knowledge base (manager database, asset allocation surveys, family office issues, etc.) is integrated with the Wharton GFA research agenda.
  • CCC is the largest private network of families with family office scale wealth in the U.S. A robust peer network of over 100 leading families from 30 U.S. states and eight countries, CCC is in its 16th year of operation and growing at the rate of one new member per month.
  • Full-time professional staff with substantive financial services expertise and graduate degrees in business.
Wharton MBA Family Business Club

The Wharton Family Business Club is dedicated to promoting awareness and dialogue among students interested in family business. Family business is the dominant paradigm for business worldwide, and Wharton draws a large number of students from around the world who come from family business backgrounds. The Mission of the Family Business Club is to provide a forum for Wharton Students to explore family business issues, develop ties to major family-controlled enterprises, and participate in Wharton's ongoing academic research in the area of family business.